A lesson in recycling

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As Petit h, a new line of Hermès, arrives in London for the first time, we look at the ideas behind the new initiative by creative director Pascale Mussard, a member of the sixth generation of the Hermès family.

Discarded leather, defective materials, or left-overs from old lines make up the raw material for Petit h. It all started when Mussard began collecting these items in a store room at the Hermès workshop. “I called it Ali Baba’s Cave where I kept all my treasures,” says Mussard. She realised that with the skill of the Hermès craftsmen and the ingenuity of designers, the scraps could be turned into pieces in their own right. And so, scraps of leather, towelling, silk, horsehair, pieces of porcelain and metal, have been reworked by artisans and designers into unexpected accessories and objects.  “I invite designers and artists into the Petit h workshops, where all the different materials rejected by Hermès are gathered,” says Mussard. “These collaborators have free rein to explore and create. Rebirth and up-cycling is the underlying approach.”

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